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Don's Most Recent Paintings in All Genres


     Desert Sentinel                    12 x 24 inches                     Alkyd on Canvas

I based this abstracted painting on  photographs Karen and I took of a lone mountain south of Death Valley Junction, California.  It's myriad of shapes begs for more paintings.

Borderlands Encounter.jpg

Borderlands Encounter        18 x 24  inches       Alkyd on Canvas 

Hopefully this one tells the story.  A desert cottontail rabbit (based on a photograph by Karen), a made up child's bunny abandoned along a desert trail, and think of all the tragedies we read about in the news almost daily. 

Endangered Attraction.jpg

Endangered Attraction      12 x 16 inches       Alkyd on Panel       Property of Clausen Museum

I based this abstracted view of Mendenhall Glacier on photos I took of the glacier combined with other online images for reference.  Upon recommendation of friends I submitted the painting for for acquisition by Clausen Museum under a grant by the Rasmusson Foundation .  Much to my delight, it was chosen.

Adoration       18 x 24 inches       Alkyd on Canvas

Private Collection

My niece asked me to paint a portrait of her daughter. What could I say?  So she sent me some images of June and one of June with her daddy.  There wasn't any question which one most attracted me.  Here it is.


Alert   12 x 16 inches   Alkyd on Canvas

Another painting based on a photo Karen took of a desert cottontail rabbit in Morongo Valley, California.


Layers          12 x 16 inches 

         Alkyd on Canvas

    The title of a show was    "Layers"  Need I say more?

     Caught in the Act

         12 x 16 inches

       Alkyd on Canvas

A gnome with bears painting         about a disrupted                   picnic/fishing trip.

Caught in the Act.jpg
A Beary Big Problem.jpg

A Beary Big Problem          Approximately 10 3/4 X 15 inches          Alkyd on Watercolor Paper  


WAVE, Working Against Violence for Everyone, a Petersburg, Alaska non-profit has an "art by the inch" fundraiser every two years -- at least this year they had the third one.  The concept:  Each willing artist is given a 22 x 30 inch sheet of watercolor paper with the idea they will create a painting on it.  Then patrons who attend the gala event are selected at random to come forth, given cut out pieces of mat board and decide what portion of which painting they would like to purchase for $1.00 per square inch.  That part is delineated and marked as sold and the next wave of art patrons choses from what remains.  It is brutal for the artists, but fun for everyone else.  Last time I was aghast at what happened to my creation -- how it was (in my eyes) destroyed.  So this year I took Karen's cue and divided my sheet into four sections to create four separate paintings.  Once again it wasn't pretty.

Gnome Fishing Strategies.jpg

          Gnome Fishing Strategies

    Approximately 10 3/4 X 15 inches

         Alkyd on Watercolor Paper

        Waiting for Some Action

    Approximately 10 3/4 X 15 inches

         Alkyd on Watercolor Paper

Waiting for Some Action.jpg
A Gnome Family Outing on the River.jpg

A Gnome Family Outing on the River                        Approximately 10 3/4 X 15 inches

                                         Alkyd on Watercolor Paper

If you could see it up close you might notice all their bobbers are jiggling yet all the gnomes are asleep  Their fishing lines are all crossed.  I guess you can see the goofy deer but one baby gnome is fishing while the other is cooking a burning marshmallow.


                   Curious and Preening.  Need I tell you which title applies to which painting.

                                        Both 9 X 12 on canvas   $400 each unframed

I painted both for possible inclusion in Wild Spruce's annual Raven Calendar.  Hopefully one may appear in their 2025 edition.

Approaching Storm.jpeg

                                 Approaching Storm   Alkyd on Canvas   9 X 12 inches   NFS

Approaching Storm is half a request by a former Petersburg Lutheran Church interim Pastor to paint the two mountains he saw when he looked down the street in front of the parsonage.  One would be done by me and one by Karen.  I took my favorite of the two, Bear Paw.  We're still waiting for Petersburg Mountain to show up.

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